What does landscape mean? What entities constitute landscape and how do these interact, imbricate, with one another to produce landscape? What activities and processes do these interactions comprise and what forms do these generate? How can phenomenological investigation of landscape be undertaken through film? How might non-fiction film function in forming a nation’s – specifically Scotland and Sweden – landscape imaginary?  


My Project

I address these questions as a means of exploring landscape, my central research object. I explore landscape with a film corpus of nonfiction, archival films and footage from Scotland and Sweden. Geographers such as John Wylie, Mitch Rose, Tim Cresswell, Paul Harrison and Hayden Larimer inform my approach, as well as Martin Heidegger’s philosophy and others like Tim Ingold, Chris Tilley and Daniel Miller. I conceptualise landscape as a dynamic complex of material being, dwelling and becoming. With this definition of landscape, I interrogate its constitutive entities in these archival films.